Friday, October 23, 2009

#15 About lesbian kisses on TV/Movies

Something I hate about lesbian kisses on TV shows and movies...

Apparently it is a trend and a must to have a lesbian kiss on a tv show or a movie. For those of you who have been watching new tv series, you might have stumbled upon a lesbian kiss or two. I am not against the gay or lesbian community, ones sexual orientation is his own choice. So this isn't about racism or other things. It's about a new cliche that is starting to spread around in the screenwriter communities. It was nice when we saw it once, and pretty bold to be seen on american television (considering their conservative views on gay community) but nowadays it's becoming a cliche and I hate seeing a great series and showing yet another lesbian kiss. Like that suddently makes the series open-minded and liked from the gay community. Be creative again! You can do better. Enough with that.

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